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Morning Peers,

Just woken up with about a million ants crawling inside my tent. I think they must of made there way through the ground sheet even though i move my tent around often. It freaked me out but, like many say this is Africa. The phrase "This is Africa" gets used allot it seems it gets used when people have no excuse or cant be bothered to make things better. But this is a great place. And I find it's a place where we should all come one day to see that sitting behind a desk working 9-5 then going home and watching TV isnt all that life has to offer.

Someone on here raised the question of my expenditure so far. Well I managed to get a flight BHX-DXB-JNB-MUN return for 1100. My tent,clothes and all the stuff i brought out with me abou 200. And so far i think i have used about 600 here. I still have about 400 left and will see how far this shall take me.

Someone else raised the idea of working for free!!! there are two issues that i see with this. The first being, that i do not mind what so ever helping out what so ever. But i will NEVER work for free, yes if any company said there is 5 aircrafts outide go and wash them i would. But if they said come every day and wash planes then i would hold back. We must set a standard to what we are willing to do. The second being Im sure you gave advice though my best interest but. There is a limit. Our industry is all ready on it's knees and i dont wish to be a part of it to bring it down further.

Another person said go around and show operators a letter from the magazine who has offered to run a story on me, to get some free publicity. To be honest im sure its great advice and someother people PM me saying the same thing. But i cant see myself walking in to an operator asking for a job on the back of a magazine article. Of course i do tell them that on the back of my thread i have been offered an article to make them aware.

Im sorry if you feel that i have set my standards too high, but i find that all of us have a role to play to make sure that we dont drag our industry down further. I had a great PM from someone who said. That we must show that there are other routes into this industry other than ab initio or SSTR. I was one as you know considering about paying for a type rating but am glad i didnt persue that path.

Of course i want a job, and ill sign any contract that comes to me first but i will never sign something that i find i couldnt survive on.

Anyway guys better go my breakfast has arrived, i will post again later.

But thank you everyone for reading and posting on this thread.

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