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Kash's problem is not him personally. I'm sure he's a nice guy who would make a great pilot. I'm sure the operators probably really like him.

His problem is timing.... he missed the hiring the wave (the one the one that usually comes around once every ten years.)

Reality is operators can't hire him unless a position becomes available, and generally a position will only become available if a current pilot leaves for greener pastures.

Problem is because the aviation industry is contracting hard and shedding experienced pilots, so there's no greener pastures for the current pilots to move up to, which means no slot for Kash to fit into.

The industry may not see another meaningful hiring cycle for another 8 years... that's very possible.

My advice for Kash... offer to work for free washing the planes... do anything just so you can be around and pray for a miracle.

You've already spent a small fortune... may as well borrow some more to go the extra mile to pay for living expenses... you've gone this far. No point in quitting now.
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