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Its so obvious that sober lark is either an IAA plant or a ryanair stooge or both as its hard tell the different management apart these days its actually funny.

The stoogelark obviously believes everything it reads in the press with no independent back up or confirmation.

So try this on for size. O leary has earned 800 million in the last 10 years. His 'basic' pay is 950,000+ every year plus performance bonus plus pension contribution plus share options. His traffic has tanked by 30% this last 12 months alone so he continues to make his money by financially screwing his staff,airports,and oh yeah his customers!

Fares going up by at least 10% traffic going down,down, down.......anyone see a correlation between those two things??

Now that he has 30% less passengers he must have a lot of time on his hands for bulling his bulls and riding his horses and taking the piss from everyone else as he wizzes by in his taxi. With all this time on his hands will he take a 30% pay cut........................yeah right thought so.

Overpaid and underworked CEO is what he is, who if he screws up once more by losing 400+ million on aerlingus or 600+ million on terrible fuel hedging he will find himself out of a job and on the dole. He will try and claim it too despite years of taking 800 million out of his staff and his companies pocket and lining his own.

Obviously the IAA management who are MOL wannabee's love this style of 'running' a company ,namely screw your most valuable asset by reducing their pay and terms and conditions while they pocket the 'cost savings'.

Obviously no thought is given to the consequence of this i.e you save a few quid but you lose all goodwill and the fact tha staff going above and beyond without even being asked. But this is very hard to quantify so the bean counters dont factor it. BUT GOOD MANAGEMENT SHOULD.

The IAA obviously dont.

So stoogelark why dont you ask about the IAA HR director who has formerly retired,taken his 500,000 TAX FREE lump sum plus about 200,000 a year for the rest of his life, yet re-hired himself into HIS vacant position???? Banana republic management??
The fact that the the current and previous director of HR(same guy remember) doesnt even know what his controllers earn but just throws out any number he can think of,and yet you still choose to believe it says everything.

Solidarity wins everytime, and once again well done to the 14 who took the hit, who stood up for what is right and fair and who inspired our victory. Thank you
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