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You are a possibly the biggest moron whose post I have ever had the displeasure of reading on here.

Once again, another ex CTCer here (CP-early20s) and I couldn't agree more with what the previous few posts have said. I'm very impressed with onepostonly's composure to be able to put things so rationally. I, like the others, will not give you that courtesy.

Yes, this forum used to be an upbeat place, encouraging people to go for selection, the best way to approach it etc. but this was when times were good. When airlines couldn't give out proper full time contracts quick enough to crew their massively expanding fleets during an economic boom.

The whole reason that the very people who are currently in the position that you long to be in are making this such a gloomy and depressing place is because we know what it's like and we are trying to do a favour to all those people contemplating starting a training course and putting themselves in your position. We are the good guys here.

As for your comments about losing your house and not caring, I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry. The day you realise that being an airline pilot is not some kind of Disney dream will be the day that the Captain has been incapacitated and you are frozen with terror by the idea of making an approach on your own into some West African shit hole, trying, but failing, to dodge the biggest thunderstorms you've ever seen.

I pray to God I'm not on your flight then.

If you honestly stand by what you said, have the balls (or ovaries) to come back to what we've all said. If you don't I suggest that you start looking for another full time job. I hear Greggs are going to have more stores than McDonalds very soon.
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