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Having gone through the CTC course a good long time before you probably thought to do it and still without a permanent contract with an airline I am now into my second year flying for, I frankly feel sick to the pit of my stomach reading such unutterable bollocks. You so obviously illustrate how the quality of cadets has gone downhill as unsecured loans dried up. Myself and my ex-course mates are in financial turmoil and for what??! 4 sector nackering days with no idea if you have a job to pay for food almost every month. Son you shouldn't be anywhere near an aircraft let alone one with 156 people down the back. This kind of post scares me to death and illustrates just how warped the minds of the new wannabes from CTC and OAT are who have secured their loans against houses and other valuables. I wouldn't believe for a second that your age even remotely resembles 27 - this is the kind of attitude I expect from a 17-19 year old with no concept of money or reality. What an insult you are to us ex-CTC cadets who are heading for bankruptcy.
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