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Your post is so ridiculous that I'm afraid it just has to be shot down in flames.

Yes, this thread used to be a place of "dreams and excitement". However, as things have turned out this is no longer the case. Now it reflects reality, so yes, it is a dump now, but NEWSFLASH: the airline industry is a dump. It is a rape-fest. Whoever will prostitute themselves for the lowest price will get the job, no matter how grossly incompetent (within reason).

Jamer, you try "signing off and still smiling" from your soul destroying office job which you'll no doubt have in a few months and you see if that's still the case in one year. Because it won't be. And if you're particularly resilient you try it a year from then because that's how long it's gonna take. At least. There is nothing in this world which annoys me as much as mindless optimism which you have just displayed. You are meant to be a professional pilot soon so you should be capable of looking at a set of facts and extrapolating a trend from it: the trend is bad. You are going into a world of sh** to quote Full Metal Jacket.

You think we're all so "negative". Oh why do we have to be so nasty!?!?!
I'm not being nasty, I'm telling you this for your own good: This is the way it is. You try keeping your ridiculous "positive" attitude in 18 months from now when you're still unemployed unless your daddy gives you 34K to get done over some more.

You see how happy you are when you've lost you're job, house, girlfriend and life within a week. With no prospects in sight of a recovery from this.

You see how "positive" you are then.

PS: it's definitely, not definately and what's with the "x", I'm not your girlfriend!?!
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