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If it was pilot "careers" that you meant, then yes, the situation is quite bad in many parts of the world. Some areas such as Asia, however, seem to be doing well at a glance, but who really knows.

However, as has been said many times before, aviation is a cyclic industry - it has good times, and it has bad times (such as now).

The advice from alpha.charlie is worth taking on board - save your money, try to get a job with an airline or in the aviation industry, meet as many people as possible and if you can afford it, gradually start doing flying training with your savings. If the market stays like this you might be better off going to America, getting a flying instructor's licence and teaching people to fly in the sunshine. Whatever makes you happy - just whatever you do, don't hand over any large piles of money to anybody in the near future.

And for God's sake learn to use the Search function!!

Good luck!
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