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Throttle to bottle, sharp classic is right no-one blames you it is the ones starting now who I can't quite feel sorry for.

flapsfull, TTB was saying he has NO money so probably can't even afford a instructors rating!! Also he is not throwing a further 35k at line training etc. Basically this whole thing is an excuse to slash his wage. It is being dressed up like paying for line training but its not, its contract work on a poor wage. He will not be borrowing the 35K, it is coming out of his salary. Ergo, massive paycut for new starters!!!

He has a choice, bankrupt while flying a jet or bankrupt while working in morrisons stacking shelves. What would you choose!?!?!?!

The main problem is if he doesn't do it someone else will!!! Therefore we cannot blame the cadets (the ones who started years ago) we have to blame ourselves. That is the current employed pilots for letting this happen. WE have to stop this. The cadets can't do it for themselves! They are not in a position to do it. Unless they all get together as a entire body to say no, any of them that do refuse the contract are making nothing more than a noble gesture! Unless they refuse the contract on the gorunds that they can't actually afford to live on it!!!

I totally agree with you FFR apart from I think we can feel sorry for them. Fecking sorry!

If every last cadet from CTC/OAA etc would say no to this deal we would have it cracked but that is never going to happen. As soon as a few people take it (which they already have) the damage is done. A cadets only option to stand up to this is to not take the job!! As I said, noble gesture and bankrupt in morrisons it is then.

As employed pilots in a union we have more options (hopefully)!!

TTB, mate I would hate to be in your shoes. Its a awful decision. Take the job and help bring about the end of the industry. Don't take the job and sit watching the demise from the sidelines! Tough call!!!
I can tell you would feel guilty about taking the job and realise what you are doing to the industry in doing so. Therefore if someone has to take these jobs I would rather it was you than some [email protected] willing to stand all over his mates to get a job. At least you will then try and help fight these schemes later on when you are in a position to do so. Keep looking and if nothing else AT ALL presents itself. (I hate to say it). Take it.
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