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Reading these posts I can see why everyone is so angry about this mess. Hell, so am I, furious, this isn't what I signed up to 2 years ago but I wonder if you can put yourselves in my shoes and take the decision all of us at CTC are struggling to make.

I have invested 65,000 and can't afford the repayments. I have spent a year doing f*** all (not through lack of trying) sat in the hold pool and no other career options available to me with 2 years of piloting on my CV. I am being offered a really shit deal, I know that and I hate the powers that be for it, but what do I do?

Am I better off showing two fingers to the industry and take to begging with my head held high? Or should I go, sit in the 'shiny jet' even for a few hours of warmth every day and a warm bite to eat (if I'm lucky) and hope that I am taking the right step towards one day having a proper career? I don't have to give 33k up front which is a good job as I don't have it. It will just come out of my wage...maybe whats left will help me afford some wall filler to close up the holes in the ceiling of the shit hole I will have to live in, and maybe a little bread and butter. Boy my parents are proud of what this industry has turned their son into.

I await the phone call saying I have a decision to make but in the mean time I'd be interested in your comments. Not slating over the top harassing comments, constructive comments of what other choices I have.
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