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Hey, Foldie you lucky sod getting that trip in Thunder City!

Were you on the Bucc during GW1? That Bucc model would look good in a 'worn' desert nipple-pink paint scheme, with all the nose art and mission tallies.

I must still have a few slides of your jets sitting outside my VC10K window back then.

Happy New Year to you too - and at least some of what I was taught at 237 has come in useful over the years!

Have a look in your logbook - were you on that 'say hello to a Sverdlov' trip in the late 1980s with a VC10K generated at short notice towing the Buccs north? It seems that AOC maritime assets had decided that all this Glasnost business was fine, but the Sovs had to know that we (you) were still serious!
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