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Just thought I'd add my thoughts to this exam for the benefits of others that may be wondering about this topic. I sat this today having read this thread prior to sitting it - which I must admit made me more anxious than I otherwise was At any rate, not suprisingly there were some 10 questions on TEM - this figure is also mentioned on CASAs website regarding the TEM ammendments as I discovered so it shouldn't really be a surprise i guess. So, for those of you sitting it in the future make sure you dedicate a suitable portion of your study to TEM owing to it's significant weighting in the exam. I agree that the weighting seems disproportionate given the amount you have to learn - but in retrospect this is actually an avantage owing to the fact that you KNOW at around 25% of the exam will be TEM, and really, the body of knowledge you need to be on top of is relatively succint.

I'd second what others have said about there being a level of ambiguity to the exam - but that said, no more so than other subject areas of the exam. Further more, the ambiguity is diminished if you do indeed know the subject matter. I studied with Bob Taits most recent edition of Human Factors (May 2009 at the time of writing) and referenced the CAAP mentioned above - I am quite confident if you really ensure you understand the subject matter in both of these publications you will have nothing to fear from the TEM section in the CHUF exam!

Best of luck to those that are yet to sit this exam.
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