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Mechta, I'm guessing--emphasis on "guessing"--that a grand old (comparatively) U. S. company like Grumman wasn't going to do much more than casually notice a British test pilot's report, if that, for better or worse. I certainly doubt they'd do anything like starting to design an airplane based on what "some Brit" had to say.

This get increasingly confusing. At one point, Corky Meyer said the Grumman trip to the RAE took place in September 1943, which makes some sense, since I doubt the RAF was going to let some American Navy types rush over and test a Focke-Wulf early in its time with them. At another point, Meyer says the trip took place "early in 1943," which makes far less sense if, let's say, the RAF alllowed the Americans to come over in mid-May to fly an airplane captured just a month earlier; that hardly seems to me like "early" in the year. Even if they let the Americans fly it the day after it was captured--hardly likely--that still isn't what I'd phrase as "early" in the year.
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