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Unless you have lived in a quiet country area that has become the subject of repeated attacks by the low lifes, it is impossible to understand how Tony Martin felt, and to what lengths he had been pushed.

We live in such an area, and around a decade ago suffered a period of repeated thefts and attempted thefts, and obtained no worthwhile help from the police at all, despite well meaning advice that amounted to nothing overall.

We realised that it is a totally different experience being on your own - totally let down by the system, and accordingly view Mr Martin's decision to do something for himself when the system to which he had paid his dues for years did nothing for him in quite an understanding light.

If this upsets some, then so be it.

If you don't violate my space then peace reigns. There is no problem.

But if you do - watch out, because I know just how useful is the English policing and CPS system, let alone the feckless sentencing guidelines of the Lord Chancellor's office - which basically amount to "it costs a lot to send them to jail - so don't - even if you have caught them"

I have managed to reach almost three score years without resorting to criminal activity, why should I look with equanimity on those who do?
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