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I've not followed the original story, but the linked story confuses me. The writer states:
The reality television star turned broadcaster Ben Fogle is being hailed as a hero. He brandished a heavy sledge a suitably festive weapon at a group of suspected burglars, prompting them to flee from his garden. No one appears to have the least idea where they are or who they are robbing now.
The millionaire businessman Munir Hussain has fared less well. He too chased burglars, having grabbed a cricket bat. But he caught one of his burglars, assisted by his brother, and gave Walid Salem such a beating that he sustained brain damage. Hussain has now been sentenced to two-and- a-half years in prison.
Fogle was lucky that his would-be assailants ran away. Hussain was not so fortunate
So did the assailants run away or not? If Hussain did indeed chase them, then that indicates to me that they ran away.

If Hussain beat the assailants to death in his house to prevent them continuing to threaten his family, fair do's. However it seems that he chased them and caught one, then proceeeded to beat him to a pulp.

Now I appreciate it's all very well sitting in the cold light of day with no emotionas running high and commenting, but this does not seem like an appropriate level of response.
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