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Roger Sofarover
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The Great Moselly breaking his leg, falling from the top of a human pyramid whilst trying to put his arse print on the ceiling of the bar.

One of the boys who kept borrowing things out of our rooms in the mess and never returning them, was in the bar and said "I will be back in an hour, I am just picking my girlfriend up from the airport side". In the next hour, a load of us completely emptied his room of every item including furniture, and replaced it with the contents of the laundry room from the floor below. He came back and waked into his room to see several washing machines and tumble driers (drying clothes of course). After three 'takes' he sat down on the floor with his hands in his head. No romantic night for him. Trouble was we couldnt remember where we hid everything so it took him about 6 weeks to get all his stuff back

eeeeee those were the days.
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