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The "H" style design of the Sgts Mess accom meant that the upstairs occupant one side could see through the downstairs windows on the far side.
At Sunday lunch, to a full table (!!):
MACR Ron to Sgt X ".... when I opened the curtains this morning I saw a ghastly sight, you were kneeling on the bed having a w*nk", most men m*sturb*te but, in future, please have the courtesy to close your curtains beforehand" !!!!!!!
Amazing, but true, coz I was sat at that table and no, it wasnt me ....honest!
(Count the dots)

PS I will give the "Brown Turd" guys a week to own up,
of the 3 I remember being involved two made Gp Capt and one made OC 230!!
(Cheques, cash or postal orders, no credit cards please!)
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