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Charlie's amazing bunt...looses 200 rds of gimpy ammo from 2000ft...thanks to Phil C's equally amazing eyesight they got nearly all of them back...

JS's amazing death dive and subsequent very firm now an A1 QHI, the other an ex-TP.

Spoons mistaking Dundalk for Newry...I took the fuel into Forkhill when they really did run out!!

The racetrack down in the greens...nearly pranged there!!

Niven's Hairy nose....'reference the hair on the, no I meant the barn on the hair...oh sh!t'

I banged the winch hook off at Dunganoooon fiddling with switches during a RRF..Cookie nearly shat himself...

Testing my new mess cannon on the pan at Y453 on Xmas day...wondering why the mortar alarm went off....

TCG puking down my neck whilst I drove the pissed sods from mess to mess after the puma/gazelle conflagration..

'That's not a wingover..let me show you one...' Scotty Weir tests my mettle on a Cat ride...was it because the seat raked back or did we exceed 90 nose up???

Mules having to extricate Wibbly-wobbly W*bber's tongue from his airway as he choked during a RRF...what if he hadn't, hmmmmm???

Being wrapped in kimwipe, and set alight in the bar....

Watching McSweat's/Niven's faces go pale as I presented the new OC230 a can of KiteKat at their inaugural dinner having just moved to V813...give 'em their due, they did eat some of it teeeheee

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