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(Once upon a time at R850 in the middle of the night).

Ding Dong 1 - "Aren't (name removed to spare blushes) helicopters normally a bit taller when they land on for fuel?"

Ding Dong 2 - "Usually they are. I wonder if they want their aerials back?"

(A few years later.....)

Ding Dong 1- "Do the NSPs for the gimpy include a bit that says fire off the first three rounds into TSWs fuel tanks?"

Ding Dong 2 - "I don't think so but as thats the senior man on the fleet I guess he'd be the one to know....."

(Not too far from G40)

Ding Dong 1 - "Of all the places to run out of fuel, are they supposed to land here?"

Ding Dong 2 - "Don't ask questions, just get that pump and hoses off the other cab so we can foxtrot oscar before anyone knows we're all here...."

TSW, not a glamorous role by any measure but it does often allow you to see the winged master race at their best and sometimes more amusingly, at their worst.
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