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Barbie, I'm sorry but I have to agree completely with everything that BOACDave has said. "Shades of Grey" are not something that anyone in this industry are comfortable with! That's why so much effort goes into legislating, regulating, training, and maintaining standards on an on-going basis, as well as applying lessons learned.

You are right (thankfully) when you say that it is not by any means a prevalent occurrence (at least not in the UK anyway), but that is exactly why ATCO's have minimum mandatory TRUCE training requirements. So that we get to tease out all of the permutations and possible responses to exactly these types of unusual circumstances.

Basically, we trust you guys to do your job, so it therefore follows that we expect you to trust us to do ours. Is it not standard practice for APR to vector inbound traffic clear of the Missed Approach Procedure anyway?!?
So, if there is no clearance received by minima then follow procedure and sort it out afterwards. Believe me, unless there is a bloody good reason for the lack of clearance/go-around, the tower ATCO concerned is going to find him/herself in a world of pain.
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