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Our airline has a SOP. I'm closely guided by it and it helps me in the operation.

The Rules of the Air have similar influence
Whether your airline allows you to step outside your SOPs or not doesn't concern me; what does concern me, though, are the Rules of the Air. These are not there to influence nor guide, they are to be adhered to. Your airline does not have the right to say that you do not have to abide by them, and neither do you.

As has been mentioned before, without a specific clearance from ATC, a pilot cannot be 100% sure that the RW is clear. The controller is the one person with the most accurate information about who is occupying the runway.

Might have to do an ASR, but can't see anything worse happening
Really? I can. Consider what happened between two 747s - KLM and PanAm at a certain Canary Island. Granted, this was at takeoff rather than landing, but it is not a giant leap to see how similar factors could apply here.

possibly cocking up the well thought out lost comms procedure
It is the responsibility of the PIC to ensure that they are able to fly said procedure. If you think it is possible you may 'cock up' a well thought out procedure such as this, what other procedures could be 'cocked up'?

I agree that this is not a prevalent issue, but there is a possibility that it could happen. As I have said earlier, if the pilot is in an emergency situation then of course they will land if they feel it is the safest thing to do. Having your radios go on strike is not one of these occasions.

It certainly is.
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