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Jetstar & Tiger, hold your heads in shame.

Some people just don’t get it. For most paraplegics, independence is a fiercely cherished ability. You remove that independence, especially with a wheelchair that can’t be propelled by themselves, i.e. aisle wheelchairs, you are taking away something extremely important to them.

It is also interesting to see which airlines let special needs pax use their wheelchairs to the boarding gate and/or aircraft door and those that couldn’t be bothered going that extra mile and be more considerate. Jetstar and Tiger should hold their heads in shame.

Cathay Pacific
Passengers travelling with wheelchair
Passengers with a disability may use their own manual or electrical wheelchair to the departure gate, and when airport facilities permit, to the aircraft door.
Virgin Blue
Travelling with a Manual Wheelchair: You can either check-in your manual wheelchair and we will provide you with an airport aisle wheelchair or self-propelled wheelchair for use within the airport or, where possible, you can choose to take your own manual wheelchair to the boarding gate. Your wheelchair will then be stowed in the aircraft hold.
Mobility Aids and Wheelchairs
• You may surrender your mobility aid at check-in or at the departure gate where appropriate assistance will be provided to you.
• You may choose to have your mobility aid delivered to you at the gate lounge upon arrival or you may collect it from the baggage collection area.
• When travelling on narrow-bodied aircraft, your mobility aid will need to meet the specified size dimensions when adjusted or broken down for that aircraft type.
• Note: whilst all reasonable care will be taken, you remain responsible for obtaining insurance in relation to the carriage of your mobility aid.
Wheelchairs - At the airport

All customers travelling with a wheelchair must check-in 2 hours prior to flights departing from a domestic terminal and 3 hours prior to flights departing from an international terminal.

Jetstar provides customers with a wheelchair in which to transfer at check-in. Jetstar customer service staff will assist in the transfer into the wheelchair, using Jetstar's approved transfer method of slide boards and slide cloths.

If required, a Jetstar customer service staff member will then escort a customer who requires wheelchair assistance from check-in through security to their boarding gate. If the customer is travelling with a carer/companion who is willing to escort the customer, a Jetstar customer service staff member will organise to meet the customer(s) at the boarding gate.

Baggage: The customer's wheelchair must be checked-in as baggage. Wheelchairs or mobility aids are carried free of charge on Jetstar services and are carried in addition to the baggage allowances applicable to the customer's travel itinerary. When a customer has more than one wheelchair or mobility aid(s), the second mobility aid will be charged as excess baggage. This includes wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and electric scooters.
Mobility Aids and Wheelchairs

Passengers' own wheelchairs will be carried free of charge, in addition to their normal baggage allowance, but must be checked in.

Wheelchairs that are powered by sealed, non-spillable batteries are accepted for carriage. Wheelchairs with un-sealed, spillable batteries will not be accepted.

All powered wheelchairs must be checked through and comply with relevant battery connection/disconnection requirements.

You must advise us whether you are able to board using steps or whether you require a wheelchair from check-in to the aircraft.

For Australia, we are able to provide a manual wheelchair to convey you from check-in to the aircraft, at which point a lifting device will be available, if previously requested (in the absence of an aero-bridge). Our crew can then assist in transferring you to an aisle wheelchair and from an aisle wheelchair to your seat. At your destination we will similarly transfer you from your seat and supply a lifting device and manual wheelchair for disembarkation, if previously arranged. Your wheelchair will then be delivered to you at the baggage collection point.

Our crew’s ability to assist is subject to compliance with mandated Occupational Health and Safety Regulations in Australia as to the maximum permissible weight of a passenger for lifting (130kgs) and the mobility status of the passenger (eg a full lift of a passenger compared to passengers able to partially lift themselves, and whether assistance is available from a carer, if applicable).

For Tiger Singapore flights, there will be a charge for assistance in respect of wheelchair and other services required from check in to embarkation if previously requested. There may be local unavailability of a lifting device or weight restrictions applicable to the use of devices and the ability of our crew to provide direct lifting assistance. Fees may be applicable for some devices.
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