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Angle at least someone around here has some common sense.
As for the other fools, the wheelchair that he sits in when he is not in bed is a part of him not just a mode of transport. That chair which probably cost him a pretty penny means that he doesn't need even an aisle chair to get on board as he can probably self transfer from his chair to an aircraft seat anyway. Most aircraft doors are wide enough for any wheelchair to fit through. Especially the 737, a320 size ones.
Possibly a similar fool like the ones here have taken his chair from him well before required by procedure whether that be anti-discrimination, OH&S or other.
As for an evacuation chances are he would be off just as fast as the rest but he wouldn't be clutching his Gucci handbag as he went down the slide.
As for the 700 wheelchairs per week 95% of those are elderly and probably have no trouble walking to the buffet if required but when they get to the airport its suddenly to far to walk.
Some of you so called "professionals" need to get out in the real world from time to time.
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