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With all due respect what is all this nonsense about OH&S? Jetstars policy as is QF's as is DJ's is pax can go to the door of the aircraft with their own wheelchair and then make their way to the seat either assisted or with an Aisle Wheelchair. Obviously if he had an electric Wheelchair fair enough but this fact has not come out yet. They need to be checked in according to Dangerous Goods guidelines. I am not sure but looking at the pics in the media his chair appears to be a normal one (ie not electric). If that is the case Jetstar stuffed up by making him check in the chair when it is policy not to. Where did this OH&S stuff come from all airlines do it! (cary wheelchair from aerobridge to hold)
I stand to be corrected but my opinion to many fools are commenting on something they have no idea about. As a sidenote Jetstar have admitted the staff in BNE did not follow their policy and they are investigating, sheez!

From ABC News

The airline is now trying to clarify why Fearnley was prevented from using his own wheelchair after checking in at Brisbane Airport.

Normally disabled passengers are allowed to take their own wheelchairs to the gate before being transferred to the airline's wheelchair for boarding

Jetstar's head of corporate relations, Simon Westaway, says the processing of the chair was done at the check-in rather than at the gate.

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