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Another whinger getting his 3 minutes of media fame!

Tough enough to crawl the Kokoda track but unable put up with ten minutes in a wheelchair specifically designed to fit within the confined spaces in an aircraft aisle.

Australia has very enlightened policies for disabled people compared to most parts of the world.

However, here is the real shocking and distressing news for Kurt.

He is not going to be allocated an exit row seat as legislation requires able bodied persons (generally male) be given these seats to assist in opening exits in the event of an emergency. Should a serious emergency occur disabled people will be the last people flight attendants will attempt to assist from a burning aircraft.

Should a disabled person attempt to get out of their seat to go to an exit, their fellow passengers (humans) will use them as stepping stones as they rush to get out.

Does not how much you whinge, legislate or attend the Human Rights Commission that, by the very nature of the human is the way it will and has happened.

Maybe should FA's be trained in Dwarf Tossing they may be better equipped to assist disabled pax!!

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