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And what 'facts' are you referring to? Those reported on Today Tonight or ACA? Or those from PPRuNe or Crickey??

You seem to know the facts so why dont you share them.
Thanks CheckerBoard for answering very succinctly in your following post.

Three people ended up in the water without life jackets
The Airport Manager who launched to rescue them stated that he didn't know when the aircraft hit the water, or where it was when he launched the boat to find them (first hand radio interview)
The husband in the back stated that there was no advanced warning of the aircraft hitting the water. (First hand radio interview)
No Mayday was either received or acknowledged (multiple sources).

Jabawocky wrote
Now look at a RNAV RWY11.......runway aligned.....with two pilots, split the worload and follw three degrees all the way......monitor your progress very carefully and chances are they would have been visual well before the runway. Sure beats the odds on ditching or stooging around in the dark and accidental ditching. Sure breaking a few rules, but far safer in my opinion.
Couldn't agree with you more. Even the VOR app would be preferable since the VOR is sited right near the threshold of RW11.
However, it would have been dicey as there is a cliff face not very far behind.
As many have pointed out, the splashdown was always preferable to trying to shift the cliff.

Beggar's choice really.
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