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Spot on emu787 .

IMO the crew did things well that night and other things not so well - obviously. There was bad luck that night but alot of good luck.
Having worked for Pelair I fear for the two pilots involved. Painted as hero's last week, out in the cold this week, let's see.
IMO I think the pilots are to a degree a reflection of the culture of the company they work for. (some will disagree but it's reality) Legally and all that they arn't. I can't help but think decisions made on the night would'nt be that of a person who wasn't under some other pressure's. Hopefully this will also be investigated.
IMO Pelair do things well, but other things not so well - this I think is where the resulting investigation should eventually focus.
Shall be interesting to read what media statements (if any) are released this week.
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