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dear dick byrne

whats a sciolist?i presume you mean socialist?i fail to see how please explain?or are you employing im from sciolo!?

If you could be bothered to scroll down to the bottom of every single page, you would see the definition set out for you. In my previous reply I highlighted the point about people opening their eyes, I rest that aspect of the case.

Perhaps the real question should be, what is a capital letter? How does the construction of a sentence make your message better understood and readable? How is punctuation properly employed? I am not trying to become the grammar police, but in a topic where you are arguing about professionalism and communication, it is self defeating when your message reads as if it were written by a badly educated school boy.

This isn't intended to be simply a "dig" at you, but in order to make the point that, communication, observation, attitude, maturity, thoughtfulness, adaptability, flexibility, skill and care, are all vital ingredients for success in this industry at this level. Taking a little time to read and then think, rather than simply react, is not only good training, but would move this discussion forward significantly.

Beak, if you go back and read my reply at post number 149, it save me having to repeat most of it. I am not encouraging anybody to be financially reckless, indeed far from it. However I have no particular problem with anybody who chooses that course of action. As long as they are adults, they are responsible for that aspect of their lives. There is advice and information on offer, if people decide to ignore it that is a matter for themselves.

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