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I hear what you are saying about it being ones choice but it is important that people realise that it is ruinous to our long term careers and incredibly risky to their parents. You may be able to afford a Ferrari F430 spyder a year with your salary (if it weren't for all your 'appendicies') but the vast majority can not, the vast majority can not afford 1500 a month extra after tax should it all go wrong and the vast majority can not afford to lose 170K by the end of all the terms of all the debts. It is about risk management. It is about not taking advantage of our loved ones. I would do anything for my family. My family would do anything for me - even if it was to put 100K of flight training debt and 45K of TR debt and my living expenses throughout the process onto their home. The difference is I wouldn't take it. I am not an impatient, spoilt, self centred little turd. I have patience (to a certain extent). Let me make this clear, I am not saying this sitting in something akin to a cardboard box, I am not poor and my parents could very much afford to do this weak 'process' for me too. I would never in a billion years allow them to though. It is wrong, rude and dreadful. And you as a father and an airline pilot should use your respected opinion to strongly discourage it. I am not meaning to sound like one of the New Labour social controlling brigade who wont let you smoke inside, wont let you eat this and drink that, but this is just wrong. It shouldn't be a decision people are granted to make. It isn't an investment in anyones future other than the short term future of the airline. Some people just wont see the wood for the trees.

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