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Low Flier

The Met Office website has a good explainer for those who are interested in the science.

For more detailed science the IPCC site lists a great deal of the technical papers which has been produced by the world experts in the field.
Have a look at the REAL evidence and how easily it can be manipulated by those who have an agenda...such as restricting growth in the underdeveloped nations AND taxing you and me until it hurts.

A good start would be to look at "Watts Up with that" as mentioned by Stoic .
As for your references to the IPCC, they are the most easily dismissed as has been already done by Lindzen who was a member until he realised how politicised the paper had become.
Lindzen is one of the most well respected climate scientists of the day.

If you're not prepared to look at the REAL evidence and the REAL motivation behind this nonsense, then you will be destined to be a Low Flier for the rest of your life.
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