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With the greatest respect there is a hell of a lot of scientific evidence out there. This site was set up as a PR stunt. If I may quote Professor Chris Rapley (who runs the Science Museum) from The Times
“Chris Rapley, the director of the Science Museum, said that a last minute decision had been made to create the exhibition in August after a briefing at the Department of Energy and Climate Change.
‘We realised that public interest had flattened out and yet here we were approaching the most historic negotiations in human history,’ he said. The museum had not been planning to run a climate change exhibition until 2011”.
This is a, presently backfiring, political PR stunt. The Science Museum should be ashamed of letting themselves get caught up in such blatant political manipulation. For example the Museum is suggesting that visitors to the Prove It website should send out messages to alarm people such as
"Climate change has already started and we're causing it. "
This is not worthy of the Science Museum - the climate has always been changing, long before man came along. If you want to be guided to some other science on the subject, can I suggest that you might start at Anthony Watts's website:Watts Up With That?

Incidentally the voting now at 23.00 BST is 2977 counted out to 454 counted in - a ratio of over 6.5:1.

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