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Good post Bruce. It pretty well sums up this Global Warming 'Religion' and that people without common sense are just jumping on the bandwagon without getting all the facts.

On a micro level, Summer 2007 in the UK was the hottest since 1976, and boy was the media full of the gloom and doom merchants forecasting the downfall of humanity and that the end is neigh due to man using fossil fuel!!

Yet where were those same one sided argument folks when the winter that followed was the coldest for quarter a century and the summer of '08 and indeed this summer have recorded the lowest average temps for over a decade, no doubt if asked to raise their heads from the stones under which they live will say that it is global warming that has caused that as well. Oi morons, you can't have it both ways!!!

Professor Dr David Bellomy (of 1970's TV fame), has produced many papers on 'Global Warming', basically saying man only has a very minor effect on the planet, and that of the 10's of thousands of scientific writings on the subject, only 2% actually pin the rise in average global temps on man's influence.....

But of course not scaring the public into paying more tax and bolstering 'Green' companies doesn't bring any money into the coffers....... Funny that!!
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