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The UK may have to cut emissions of greenhouse gases by 90% by 2050 so the aviation sector can continue to grow. That is the warning from the government's official climate advisers, the Climate Change Committee (CCC). It would mean even bigger cuts than the 80% drop on 1990 levels already planned for households and industry in Britain.
The EU "Guidance for the Aviation Industry, Monitoring and Reporting Annual Emissions and Tonne km Data for EU Emissions Trading" requires in
  • Section 7(a) - Monitoring Plan Template and
  • Section 7(d) - Procedures to ensure total uncertainty is met
that we airlines demonstrate the satisfactory operation of our aircraft fuel quantity measurement systems and check for inaccurate measurement instruments exceeding the threshold (accuracy error). In fact a typical airliner FQIS is designed to an accuracy within +/- 1% of FSD, far more accurate than that of most other vehicles.

We note that aviation is being targeted with requirements to provide direct certification of fuel quantities consumed despite the admission within the EU source documents that aviation is responsible for just 13% of EU transport emissions, while no such onerous measurement and reporting requirements are proposed (or even practical) for direct monitoring of the remaining 87% of EU transport activity.

Given that transport is only a small proportion of total emissions (power generation is the major source) and aviation is a minor contributor to transport emissions, why are our politicians so keen to single out the aviation industry for such draconian measures? Further, looking at that statement in the above quote, the question arises as to why the UK Government in particular seems so determined to damage our industry and destroy thousands of jobs, despite the fact that the EU's own admitted figures show that the CCC's claim is such an outrageous lie?
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