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That's it! Pretty spicey! That's as bad as I've ever known St.Elmos. I used to like getting the cabin crew up to see 'St Elmos Fire'. They'd come up and I'd direct them out of the window. Seeing nothing, they would park their face right at the window just as it flashed a burst- it comes across as an instantaneous incredibly ornate tree across the screen. They would usually retreat rapidly with a white face! It gives a very bizarre and strange atmosphere on the flight deck- the lightning bolts complete it. When it's really bad, you get continuous rippling of lightning discharges enough to read by. The worst storms for that I have ever seen have been Northern Pakistan near the Indian border.

The only music to play in it is Wagner's 'Ride of the Valkyries'. Nothing else will do, but you are usually too busy trying to stay alive!
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