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It worked out well for some people I know.
You are right, it DID. ie: we are talking in a historical sense now. Only a few years ago when you did a TR at a well established outfit such as GECAT (as just one example) there were airlines falling over themselves to grab you. You still needed to pass the interviews and entrance tests but working hard on your type rating course and being easy to get along with went a long way to getting a nod from the TRTO.

Times have changed now. Sure sign up for these sorts of deals if you want. But do yourself a favour and put together a wee business plan and see if you will actually get a return on your money. You might just get the hours you signed up for but it will be winter soon enough and the charter outfit won't need you then. No doubt there will be promises of work coming your way in the future and to just hang tight. But as you sit out the winter looking forward to jumping back into the RHS the following summer there will be another bunch of wannabes ready to part with cash and fly for free. The partner airlines might even figure that you will be stale now not having flown for six months. They will have to roster you some sim time and an OPC and then some time with a line trainer. Then there will be a line check. This will all add to their costs. Whereas some young whipper snapper will happily pass them a wad of cash to cover their outlay.

The likes of CTC will start to market their holding pool to any takers adding more competition into the mix. The chances of you getting a gig again will be slim unless you want to throw more of the folding stuff at them.

So what do you do then? Head east and fly for some outfit who thinks that compliance with an MEL is nice to have but its okay to turn a blind eye just to keep things going and deferring defects is the order of the day. That MSA's are for girls and its okay to fly a destabilised approach.

The sad fact is that is where your careers are heading. Do yourself a favour and save your money. Keep your hand in at flying in any way possible and wait out the recession and get into a decent outfit where your life expectancy is assured.
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