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A wonderful idea - reconvene the BOI!!!!

I can, however, see just a few problems.

1. Do we use the same Personnel as members of the Board? The then President is now, I believe, an AVM. As for the other members - are they still alive and serving?

2. If you convene a new BOI, which you believe could overturn the findings of the original BOI, then would not all members have to be higher in rank than the current rank of their predecessors?

3. How many witnesses are still alive and available?

4. How much of the wreckage is still available for inspection and assessment?

5. The most Senior Serving Officer of HM Armed Forces (MRAF Lord Craig) believes the original findings were both appropriate and just.

6. The number of Ministers who have reviewed the BOI and concurred with its findings is well into double figures.

7. In the current economic climate just who is going to authorise such an unprecedented course of action?
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