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I think you are right. I know that I have seen people in the training department or whatever you call it at your airline that can only do a checkride to FAA standards.

And, let me make this clear, FAA standards are not high enough in my view. Perhaps other regulating authority as well.

I recall when the 737 flipped on its back due to rudder quickly we got hardover training.

I know what I would do about flying and teaching people to be better pilots.

Hand flying would be a big part of it. Being able to switch from automation to desperation in a second and come out OK.

computers that give us information can be helpful, but computers that rob us of our strengths should be discouraged.

In the USA, near Washington, DC, a computer has been accused of failing and allowing two trains (like subways) to collide, killing 9.

computers, HA.

good thinking A37575

Ialso want to add that people in the training department shouldn 't be there because they play golf with the boss.
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