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Then you will agree that they are different n'est pas?

Given that Mr Ellacott estimated the visibility at 9-10 feet maximum just prior to the Chinooks impact and the aircraft impacted at a speed of approx 253 feet per second less than 300 feet from him; then I would suggest that the forward visibility that the pilots had was very similar to that which Mr Ellacott had. If I am correct then I do not believe that indicates the crew were flying in VFR conditions at that time.

You will also be aware that the investigating RAF Board thought that the aircraft was in cloud and not flying VFR at waypoint change. If correct then the Pilots continued to fly in IMC (from prior to waypoint change until impact) without executing an emergency climb to Safety Altitude and turning away from impending danger. No Emergency R/T call was made, nor was the Transponder selected to Emergency or a SARBE actvated. There was no evidence that the Passengers and Rear Crew had been instructed to adopt Crash Positions.

Finally, the evidence from the AAIB investigation suggested that an attempted escape manouvre had been initiated immediately prior to impact. If correct then this would indicate that the aircraft was indeed under control at that time.
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