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I am on home standby today but this has been shortened from 7 hours to 4 and a half
You poor thing - a 4hr day in the office spent at home - must be tough.

SO far this week I have spent the whole week on lates finishing around 10.30pm and starting around 2pm.
Sounds like you need a lie down in a darkened room - 8.5hrs a day.

At least when you land its home time - not like getting an emergency call at 10.25pm that keeps you on duty another six hours.

....and what about the regular 4 days off - do office workers enjoy that -

Some people need a wake up call to remind themselves how fortunate they are and how the other half live.

400 hours on a 737 gets you nothing even though it has been earned and not paid for.
What do you want your 400hrs to count for? Someone else to hand you a job?

Luck favours those with an opportune mind. Stick with it. Its an adventure - if it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

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