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Reading wine glass sediment after two glasses of inferior SSB.

It may be that the cancelled 15 were replacements for some 747 and 763 which can now be let go without replacement because expansion has become contraction.

Mid 2013 for 787 suggests no significant cash flow until 2012/2013, which sits right with a 2009/2010 which will be breakeven and no dividend at best, and two further years repairing the balance sheet.

So I doubt you'll see the tripler as a replacement for late 787s. The tripler has, in my opinion, always been about the "hub-buster" ultra long range aircraft which is the Airbus A350 or 777 tweak, or even 787-10.

From my point of view there is no pleasure to be taken from problems that both manufacturers have had in recent years. I'm a fan of both, and as an airline person I like new aircraft to come in on time and over performance.
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