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Now we have an entire crew trusting a perfect flight computer, unable to hit the 'manual' switch because it's not in the SOPs.
Well, trusting an airplane is what a pilot must do - that isn't the issue, but I think I understand what you mean.

The issue with automation is a two-pronged fork which the industry must deal with. Many of us saw this coming and said this more than twenty years ago when the 320 was first introduced - reliance on automation is as much a management/cost issue as it is a training issue. Automation is a bean-counter's dream because they have been sold the bill of goods that "these airplanes fly themselves" and so pilot costs can be reduced as can training costs. I know many (including myself) who never agreed with this approach, could see it happening, and wrote then as now, about the issue. We have now arrived at the point first seen back then and the industry must deal with it.

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