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what is the interval of possible hour (or measured in any other way) cost?
What exactly do you mean?

If you mean how much is someone effectively paying an hour, take the Ryanair Scheme.

33000 Euros for the TR.

500 Hours of intensive line training. 35 Euros an hour. 500 x 35 = 17500 Euros. Let's say you attain 700 hours for the year. 200 x 55 = 11000 Euros. So that's 28500 Euros for the first year earned before tax after spending 33000 Euros. At another airline you may earn 35000 Euros a year and pay for no TR (but you'd be one in a million to get in at the moment). Ryanair MAKES 4500 Euros out of you for the year - That's possibly a 39500 Euro saving on a pilot for the year (not to mention interest).

That's a 39500 Euro difference (35000 + 4500) not taking into account interest. So for the 700 hours it has cost you 39500/700 = 56 Euros an hour. These are ball park, simplistic figures but it's worth thinking about to give a guide. They may be off here or there before someone starts slating it but they are around about there and in fact fair to the Ryanair scheme.

And before Ryanair pilots get all hurt, I am aware that it is about the only way into the industry at the moment so fair play to you guys and girls, you're the ones flying aircraft for a living.
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