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ZFT, guess

we would need a dedicated simulations engineer to answer your question..

or are the weather and radar simulations inadequate to provide the level of fidelity required?
personally never have seen any "good" WX simulations..

and it is a very valid question you pose, though by the nature of things I would think that it is simply impossible to simulate a true WX condition, "true" meaning that all the unknowns of a dynamic target and the reaction of a specific WX radar / airframe / avionics combination could be put into a simulation model..

maybe its possible but I doubt it..

all other stuff you can simulate pretty well by now, but WX targets, probably would need a quantum computer just to calculate all possibilities..

and then you still would not know, whether the crews interpretation of the WX image could be transferred to the real world..whether you would have a hit or a miss in reality..too complex, too many factors involved..

how do you want to simulate attenuation and its associated problems in the sim???
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