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Checked the thread as best I could, apologies if this has already been covered.

On the Aviation Herald site, referring to this accident, there's a passage about two Air France A340s that had similar problems (thankfully without such a tragic ending) which says:-

"The captain released control of the airplane to the first officer and tried to switch his display from ADIRU1 to ADIRU3. 2 minutes later autopilot and autothrust disconnected and the fly by wire changed into alternate law. The crew noticed icing conditions (static air temperature [SAT] -29 degrees Centigrade) and switched anti ice including pitot heating systems from automatic to on. The speed indications became normal again and agreed again.........

'From automatic to on.' I'd heard that the A330/A340 have automatic pitot heating, don't know if all airliners do nowadays? But if there's an automated system controlling the pitot heaters, could it be possible that the whole cascade of 'computer malfunctions' was caused by.......a computer malfunction........?

Crash: Air France A332 over Atlantic on June 1st 2009, aircraft impacted ocean

Also - I looked through Airbus's 'advisories' as best I could, and don't recall seeing any mention of 'Check Pitot Heat ON.'
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