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ACARS Messages

A summary of the final messages from Flight 447 is as follows:

(AP) French and Brazilian officials have described a "burst" of messages
from Flight 447 just before it disappeared.

A more complete chronology was published Wednesday by Brazil's O Estado de
S. Paulo newspaper, citing an unidentified Air France source, and confirmed
to The Associated Press by an aviation industry source with knowledge of
the investigation:

_ 11 p.m. local time The pilot sends a manual signal saying the jet was
flying through CBs towering cumulo-nimulus thunderheads.

_ 11:10 p.m. A cascade of automatic messages indicate trouble: The
autopilot had disengaged, stabilizing controls were damaged, flight systems

_ 11:13 p.m. Messages report more problems: The system that monitors
speed, altitude and direction failed. The main flight computer and wing
spoilers failed.

_ 11:14 p.m. The final message indicates a loss of cabin pressure and
complete system failure catastrophic events in a plane that was likely
already plunging toward the ocean.
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