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The problem with either a MayDay or ELT activation is that they don't actually help right now while everything is going to Hell. They had their hands full (and then some, I suspect) doing the "Aviate" part of the response - "Communicate", especially where they were a long way from help, shouldn't have been anywhere on the priority list.

I do not agree with your opinion. There are some common sense issues here.
"Avigate, Navigate, Communicate" The priority is well defined, but not in regards to a "MAYDAY" call, that is straightforward and we do it in the sim every 6 months!

To me the answers/speculation on the 2 questions I put are absolutely significant in building the total picture. I keep thinking over the last 24 h waht would prevent me from doing the MAYDAY call. What would prevent you? The PTT is on the sidestick, you know...
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