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I thought this thread was about an AF A330 crash, not about sub details and unrelated stories of same, sleeping captains or the continuing unfounded speculation regarding electrical or flight control or pressurization or airframe icing/explosion or airframe failures.

The thread is now repeating itself as new entrants arrive without reading, with their pet "theories" and just plain nonsense. No wonder it's culled regularly.

At this point, nobody, including Air France, even knows the exact lat/long of the accident site let alone the status of the aircraft from entry into the area until disappearance. And if AF or any authority knows, they certainly haven't told anyone here.

We only hear (but have no evidence or confirmation that it is "A330" wreckage) of "pieces" found and a 20km "oil slick".

In the absence of an accident site, the DFDR and the CVR, the only evidence that is certain but which has yet to be released and described here is,

a) the dispatch status of the aircraft under the MEL, (was the radar working, were there any other MEL items?),

b) the exact nature/content of the ACARS messages we are told were received by the airline (and not just by ACARS amateur hackers).

Specifically, what data needs to be confirmed on the ACARS messages are the time stamp of the message, the ATA Chapter reference of the fault, and the exact wording of the fault.

The ACMS and/or AIMS collates and transmits such faults including ECAM messages.

These messages are very specific and targeted for maintenance which then have fault-handling procedures. The messages will, if the aircraft and its systems were capable of sustaining such transmissions, be accurate and sufficient evidence upon which to proceed, again in the absence of an accident site.

Even the path through the satellite-weather images put together and referenced/linked four or five times here is speculative in terms of the aircraft track and timings. We just do not know this information. It is all we have.
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