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That picture was the famous low flypast at the White Waltham Airshow I believe, where the fast moving fin of the VC10 is in some photographs the only thing sticking above a mound in the airfield. I flew afterwards with the Flight Engineer on that flight. He was still spitting blood. Apparently on the way down there, the Training Captain in charge had them all strap in and said 'he was going to try something'. He then rolled the ailerons rapidly to full deflection, then quickly rolled them the other way. The VC10 did a wild gyration and settled back wings level having lost 50'. So they reach the airshow and are roaring along the runway at less than 30', the the F/E said 'and b****r me if he didn't suddenly do it again! I thought we were going to die!' Not a happy bunny.

I'm pretty sure the Training Captain doing that was Tony Smith.
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