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Originally Posted by BelArgUSA View Post
As soon as the outboard T/E flaps extend, the outboard ailerons are operating.
And you are familiar with the flex of the outer half of the wing... i.e. 727.

Would it be possible that these outboard ailerons caused flight control reversal...
It is the reason Boeing locks the outboard ailerons for high altitude/high speed.
Could explain the complete loss of control of the aircraft... full roll, was it...?

Happy contrails
Can't say for sure but at flaps 2, while outboard ailerons are not locked any more, they are only partially available. Not sure how much but on a 200 series at 5 the big book says 80% outboard aileron deflection capability. So somewhat and perhaps significantly less is available at 2 flap.

2 rolls I believe.
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