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Again, Roger, they will have IP traces, packet details, etc. Every move you make on the internet can be monitored nowadays, especially as ISP's have to keep details. So it easier to actually gather the evidence without the need of the actual hard disk/computer due to the various detection methods they can use (including credit card trails as noted by someone else) and don't forget emails, IM contacts, etc on the computer(s) seized initially. So, once they get one pervert then they can examine everything to get details of other contacts worldwide. You can be sure that those they have "announced" are only the tip of the iceberg. Also, it only takes one pervert to squeal when he gets reminded of what happens to his kind in prison.

Now, the reasons for the second part you quoted are nicely taken out of context (nothing unusual here) as I was pointing out how they need to get a sniff of something before they can start all their traces, etc. I was also pointing out how this was a much larger problem than people realise, as had been explained on several investigations shown on TV. The sheer volume of this kind of traffic, as well as the more sophisticated methods used by these scumbags to get their jollies, makes it more difficult to get started on a trail, unless they get a bit lucky and the paedo takes his computer down to PC World for repair (when all the pics are discovered, which starts off the trails, etc). After all, it wasn't all that long ago when the police had a humungous list of credit card numbers used to access some of these sites but admitted they had no hope of investigating them all because of the lack of resources.

So although the cops can gather the evidence relatively easily once they get someone (normally down to stupidity like taking a computer in for repair, think higher profile cases like Gary Glitter and Johnathan King), getting a start on gathering that evidence is not so easy unless they know exactly where to look first. Now surely you can see exactly what I am saying, I do hope I don't have to draw you a picture because I was no good at art in school.
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