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I don't see an issue as the rozzers will have all the evidence needed from the hard disks of those who have been caught and arrested as well as data gleaned from the ISP's regarding sites visited, etc. After all, if "Paedo A" sends "Paedos B/C/D/E/F" a load of pictures and videos, followed by "Paedo K" having info showing the others have sent him stuff then there's the evidence.

Ditching/erasing a hard disk won't do them any good at all

Also, it can be very hard to actually start tracking people in the first case because so much of the traffic is encrypted, goes through private servers, etc. Like in this latest UK case, what normally triggers the arrests, etc, are images found on computers being sent in for repair. That leads to someone else, which leads to someone else, etc, etc.

I still think you need them hard disks me old. You cannot be jailed because somebody sent you something. It could be a wrong address, it could be somebody trying to stitch you up. The police would need hard (disk) evidence that you stored such material. Sio I just think it counter productive for the media to publish details of where the police are about to strike. Forewarned is forearmed. By all means paint them all over the media once they have been caught.
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